Salud! Connecting British Columbia’s Winery and Hospitality Industry with Foreign Entreprenueurs

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Bell Alliance Global Immigration Services Inc. (BA Global) and EVG Export Ventures Group Inc. (EVG) join forces to connect BC businesses and foreign investors under the BC Provincial Nominee Program

British Columbia (BC) Provincial Nominee Program has received well deserved attention for its innovative business investment and immigration opportunities targeting foreign entrepreneurs and investors wanting to live and work in BC. As the province’s aging workforce prepares for retirement and local entrepreneurs seek expertise and capital to grow successfully, EVG and BA Global will provide a much needed bridge to connect foreigners with these businesses by providing business brokerage services to BC businesses and immigration services and business planning to foreigners.

There has been significant economic gain from the BC PNP programs since its inception in 2001. The Strategic Occupation stream helps employers fill labour shortages by nominating skilled workers, international graduates and entry level, semi-skilled workers for permanent residency. The Business stream targets entrepreneurs and investors with the required skills and experience to manage a business in BC’s key industries. In the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation’s 2011 evaluation report, 203 entrepreneurs that were nominated through the BC PNP Business stream have invested over $423 million into BC’s economy and created over 1000 jobs between 2005 and 2010. Regions across BC have benefited, as over 50% of investments made and jobs created have been outside of the Lower Mainland area (Grant Thornton, 2011).

The challenge BC businesses face, especially those in rural areas, is finding people to buy or invest into their company. The difficulty is even greater for foreigners abroad, who often have little knowledge of the opportunities available. Richard Bell, BA Global’s director and founder of Bell Alliance Lawyers & Notaries Public, echoes this challenge. “I have practiced real estate and corporate law for several years. The number of business owners seeking advice on their exit strategy, while not shutting their business down, has grown significantly in the last few years.”

To read more, please see our press release: Salud! Connection BC’s Winery and Hospitality Industry with Foreign Entrepreneurs

For our press release in Chinese: EVG BA Global Press Release – Chinese

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Connecting International Students to Quality Education in Beautiful British Columbia

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Bell Alliance Global Immigration Services Inc. (Bell Alliance Global) partners with Vancouver
Community College to support the school’s growing international student population

Bell Alliance Global is now part of Vancouver Community College’s reputable list of partners around the world that promote Vancouver Community College to international students looking to further their education at a high ranking post-secondary institute in Canada. Bell Alliance Global will inform clients interested in studying about the various programs offered by Vancouver Community College and help them submit a successful application to study at the college.

Given that Bell Alliance Global headquarters is located in Vancouver, the Bell Alliance Global team is very familiar with Vancouver Community College and its excellent reputation compared to other colleges in the region. With over 100 programs to choose from and two campuses located in the city, students have the opportunity to live and learn in one of the most beautiful and vibrant places in the world. Programs range from global business management, hospitality management, trades and the culinary arts. Another great advantage is that Vancouver Community College is a public school with a large domestic student population, and therefore international students experience a true immersion in the English language and Canadian culture.

For many internationals wanting to live and work in Canada, studying here is a great start. Students gain relevant skills and education for the Canadian work place, and in particular, build the critical connections to the job market through internships, academic counseling and career services.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has immigration programs in place to help students obtain work experience and apply for permanent residency after graduation. Programs include Off-Campus Work Permit; Post-Graduate Work Permit; Canadian Experience Class; and British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.

Bell Alliance Global can help internationals plan for their future in Canada by finding them a program at Vancouver Community College and assisting them in obtaining their study permit, temporary resident visa and student work permit. We make sure to always recommend a path that will look at an individual’s long-term goals and create opportunities to live and work in Canada.

Please contact us for more information. If you would like to contact Vancouver Community College directly, please visit or call 604.443.8600.


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Canadian Immigration Policies: More Changes Ahead for 2012

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Nearly every day, we post on  Facebook and Twitter links to another article published about great community initiatives for new immigrants, current challenges plaguing the  immigration system and the new changes proposed by the Harper government. When it comes to what’s new in Immigration, changes are frequent and it can be difficult to keep up to date. For example, less than a month ago, the government outlined a new bill that would change the refugee system, which included restricting appeal rights and improving the timing of removals. More recently, the government has announced immediate changes to permanent residency through spousal sponsorship and introduced upcoming changes to the federal point system. To keep you updated, here is a summary of key topics for 2012:

  • Effective immediately, sponsored spouses or partners will have to wait five years from the day they are granted permanent residence status in Canada to sponsor a new spouse or partner.
  • Introduction of language requirements under the Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Changes to Federal Investor requirements, potentially an increase in the $800,000 investment
  • Government committed to tackling applicant backlog
  • Changes to the citizenship rules to target so-called birth tourism — where a foreign national comes to Canada to give birth so the baby can get Canadian citizenship.

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