Express Entry – Get Your Educational Credential Assessment

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Under Canada’s New Express Entry System, candidates may be required to obtain an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) of their completed foreign educational credentials. When applying as a Federal Skilled Worker under Express Entry with a foreign educational credential, an original ECA report must be included in your application.

The ECA is used to verify that the applicant’s foreign degree, diploma or certificate is valid and equal to a completed credential from Canada. The ECA requirement is meant to help make sure that chosen immigrants have the best possible chances of success in Canada. Applicants may also be able to use the ECA report for other purposes, such as to help them find a job in Canada.

Express Entry applicants may arrange to get their ECA report from:

A valid ECA report must be issued on or after the date the organization was designated by CIC, and must be issued within five years in respect of the date that CIC gets the application.

For more information about Federal Skilled Worker Program under Express Entry, click here.

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