Canada Government proposes changes to Federal Skilled Worker Program

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Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced its proposed changes to the Federal Skilled Worker Program, to take effect January 2013. The government’s goal is to set the points systems for foreign applicants that have the skills to better enter the workforce immediately once they arrive to Canada. The proposed changes are as follows:

  • Language would become the most important selection factor with a minimum official language threshold and more points given for language;
  • Greater emphasis on younger immigrants who can gain more Canadian experience and stay in the workforce longer
  • Increase points for Canadian work experience and reduces points for foreign work experience;
  • Simplify the arranged employment process to help employers recruit skilled workers, but also to reduce fraud
  • Give points for spouse’s language and Canadian experience.

The Canadian government also proposes to introduce the Educational Credential Assessment – where foreign skilled workers’ education is assessed against Canadian education standards overseas, and applicants will be given points accordingly.

Once these proposed changes are finalized, new instructions will take place in January 2013 for new applicants. Until then, the Foreign Skilled Worker Program is still only available to those with a valid job offer or meet the PhD stream (see: our July post)

For more information on the changes, visit the Canada Gazette.

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