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StudentsCanada’s government plans to increase the number of international students by twice the amount in the near future. The government aims to focus on students from China and other countries which are currently experiencing growth. This increases the number of spots available to study in Canada and also could mean new opportunities for immigration to Vancouver, BC.

Vancouver is located in British Columbia and is the heart of international education in Western Canada.

As a result of the Canadian government increasing the number of study visas available for foreign students, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will also be increasing the number of diplomatic, visa-processing and marketing resources in China, Vietnam, India, Brazil, Mexico and the Middle East/North Africa region (including Turkey), so Canada can attract and process more students wanting to study in Canada.

The costs to study in Canada may be something to consider. For Canadian full-time undergraduate students the average annual tuition is $5,772, while at the same time an International student would pay more than triple. The average foreign student tuition for one year is $19,514.

Increased Number of International Students in Vancouver, Canada

While studying in Vancouver, BC is attractive to students. There are also other countries around the world competing for the attention of foreign students. Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK are actively seeking students from around the globe to sit in their classrooms.

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Many of Vancouver’s universities and colleges – including Langara, Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Simon Fraser University – bring most of their international students from Asia, frequently China, and other areas like Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.

University of British Columbia has 9,000 international students in Vancouver and is active in approximately 60 countries, including Saudi Arabia, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates.

ESL student pathways to university in Vancouver, are a great opportunity. People studying English as a Second Language in Vancouver, can eventually make their way to studying at a university and then working in Canada.

After completing their studies, the Canadian government is hoping in the future that international students will fill 86,500 jobs. This number is twice the number of jobs currently filled by foreign students. Currently, Canada is experiencing a gap in the labour market and the government is hoping that international students can be one solution to add much needed workers to the job market.

Asian Business workers

Another reason that Canada is welcoming international students to the second biggest country in the world, is to boost Canada’s economy. Foreign students spend their finances on tuition, accommodation, entertainment and other expenses. This all adds up to a big economic gain for local communities.

The B.C. Council for International Education  has stated that there were more than 100,000 international students in B.C. in 2011-12. The Canadian government is aiming to increase these numbers over the next few years. Studying in Canada is a unique opportunity to expand a person’s education, be on the path to employment, one day possibly immigrate to Vancouver and live in Canada permanently.

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Written by Sacha DeVoretz, blog contributor to Bell Alliance Global Immigration Services Inc.

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