Canada’s Shift to Multiple-Entry Visas

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Visitors to Canada will be Automatically Considered for Multiple-Entry Visas

Visitors to Canada now will be automatically considered for a multiple-entry visa. Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced this change on February 6, 2014. Canada’s shift to multiple-entry visas allows qualified applicant to visit and stay in Canada for maximum six months each time, in an up to 10 years period  without having to reapply each time.

Processing fee for the a Multiple-Entry Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) will be dropped from $150 to $100. Besides the fee change to TRV, a number of other Government processing fees for Temporary Residency are increased in order to be competitive with peer countries. Below is a charting showing the fee changes to Canada and a Comparison with several peer countries:

ApplicationIncreased amountAmended Processing Fees
Study Permit$25$150
Work Permit$5$155
Extensions to remain in Canada as a Visitor$25$100
Maximum fee for a Family to apply for TRVSIncreased by $100 to $500
Maximum Work Permit fee for a group of performing artist and their staffsIncreased by $15 to $465

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